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Episode 1 : Besties since 2005 🐻



This is where our adventures began!

Welcome on our new and awesome website! 🥳 We worked so hard to make this dream of having our own corner of the web a reality. We really wanted to make it so we could post the comics both in English and in French. Now we can reach even more Bear Cuties than ever before! I can't wait to make new friends on here. I even have my own domain named after myself! I feel like a V.I.B. (Very Important Bear). 😎

We'll be posting the comics on here every Wednesday until we catch up with the Instagram ones. After that, we'll try to make new ones every two weeks. It will be a great opportunity for everyone that hasn't followed us from the start to read all our stories or for our longtime Bear Cuties to read them all over again from the start. 💕 I hope we'll be able to maintain a more regular schedule. We'll see! 🤞

This website wouldn't have been possible without your support! We're so grateful for all the lovely Bear Cuties in our lives that give us a reason to keep working hard on this project. Special thanks to all the lovely people who supported us on our Ko-Fi page! Your donations over the last 2 years made it financially possible for us to launch this website!

I hope you'll love reading our adventures here!


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