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Episode 3 : Precious Cookies 🍪


You can achieve anything with some determination!

Leaving food unattended in my presence is a bit of a risk. Especially if it's something sweet! I'm a big fan of cookies of all kinds. My favorites are the ones homemade with love by Virginie. She always stores them in the pretty cookie jar on top of the refrigerator as far away from me as possible. 😤 No height can beat my determination to eat cookies though! 🥰

Another kind of cookies I absolutely love are the Dunkaroos! People think I'm paid to talk about them as much as I do but I'm sadly not. It became kind of a meme in the Bear Cuties community. For those who don't know them, they are little graham cookies served with some icing. My favorite kind are the ones with vanilla and sprinkles icing. Sadly, they stopped producing them at the end of 2017 🥲.

Then, in 2020, they announced they were bringing them back in the United States 😱! I was so happy. But then, the pandemic happened preventing me from crossing the border to get those precious delicacies. Luckily for me, I have numerous awesome friends who found them in their country and sent them over to me 🤤. Recently, they started selling them in Canada too but they are smaller than the US ones and very expensive. 🤑 I shall go on a quest soon across the border in search of the real goodies very soon.

When Phineas and Seamus sent me my first Dunkaroos in years!

The first time Christina, Liz and their plushies sent me some goodies from Chicago

When Puppy, Corduroy, Christina and Liz sent me bunch of Dunkaroos again!

Did you ever have a snack you loved stop being produced? What was it? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to read about it 🥰

I hope you had an amazing day today!

See you next week for episode 4 🤞

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