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Episode 2 : Feeling lonely...



Did you know that teddy bears also have teddy bears? I didn't know either until Virginie gifted me my new awesome friend Tacheté! Sometimes, I sleep holding him in my arms like Virginie does with me. I might get him a teddy bear as well someday! How far do you think the bear chain could go? 😂

Some people asked me ''But Juliette, what does he do when you leave with Virginie?''. Luckily, Tacheté is a bit more introverted and love some alone time. He's really into reading books and watching horror movies. He doesn't mind at all when I leave! Maybe someday we'll make a comic to show you what he does when he stays at home all alone 🤔

I hope you Bear Cuties all have a friend like Tacheté that you can hug when you need to!

I send you the biggest virtual hugs 🥰

P.S Did you know that Tacheté means ''Spotted'' in French? He's called like that because of the little patches he has everywhere

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